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Koda Protein Powder (1 x 900g) Vanilla

RM 240.00

This low-fat and low-carb whey protein isolate drink from Koda is designed to be silky smooth thanks to an ultra-filtration process. Every serving serves up 25g protein but it is also gentle on the stomach. You'll also be getting essential BCAAs from this drink.

It has no filler, no refined or processed sugars and is also non-GMO. Gluten intolerant people will also be happy to hear that it is gluten-free.

Best consumed after exercise or post-competition.

Available in two flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla

*Any orders that include this product will need additional 1 working day for fulfilment


Serving size: 30g 

*Nutritional values may vary slightly for different flavours of this product