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It was September 2019 when Geoffrey and Heywood had a very simple idea. 

How can we bring better and healthier snacks to people, in the most convenient way possible?

A few days (and a few cups of coffee) later, myFITBOX was born! We started with curating our favourite functional snacks and drinks around the world. 

We hunted down the best-tasting treats that would fuel people for workouts, or just to get through a long day. 

Looking for protein? Need some caffeine? On a keto diet? We’ve got you.

Now, we had the snacks. So, how were we going to sell it?


First, we launched Malaysia’s pioneer healthy vending machines! 

We placed these myFITBOX vending machines in fitness centres, sports complexes, shopping malls and schools. 

Next, we launched our very own website, myFITBOX.co, that could display our entire range of products (because there’s only so much you can fit into a vending machine).

What sets us apart from others is how we interact with the fitness community. You will often find the myFITBOX team sweating it out at one of the local gyms, because that is how we get to know the people, and more importantly, understand them and their needs.

Our goal is to make our myFITBOX range of snacks and drinks as accessible as possible, so that no one will ever have a craving that they cannot fix almost instantly. 

If it’s better snacks that you are looking for, then myFITBOX is the place to be.

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