Dozoff (1 x 240ml) Original

RM 10.40

Dozoff is a drink formulated with clinically-effective ingredients which support your good night's sleep. Drink it 30-60 minutes before you go to bed and it'll relax both your mind and taste buds.

Serving size: 240ml


Magnesium - Calms our nervous system

Vitamin B6 - Helps to create neurotransmitters that regulate mood and emotion

L-Theanine - Promotes relaxation and sleep by boosting GABA level

Valerian Root - Promotes calmness and improves stress level

- Naturally flavored with Iprona fruit powder 

- Non-carbonated with fresh tea taste, other than the delighting natural peach taste

- Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, No Artificial Flavours, No-Drug, Low-Sugar, Caffeine-Free

- Only 55kcal, 7g of sugar per can