A note from our founders: Happy 2nd birthday, myFITBOX!

A note from our founders: Happy 2nd birthday, myFITBOX!

The following is a note from our founders to you. Yes, you. Whether you’ve been supporting myFITBOX from Day 1 or if you’re new to the myFITBOX fam, we wanted to thank you for giving us the privilege of feeding you in the past two years.

Hi there!

Geoffrey and Heywood here, co-founders of myFITBOX.

We don’t do this often but in celebration of myFITBOX’s two-year anniversary, we wanted to pen our thoughts down on what has happened with our fast-growing company and where we are headed towards!

When the idea for myFITBOX was conceived in Phuket in September 2019, it was nothing more than just a passing thought. We just wanted to make it easier for people to get their favourite functional snacks from around the world.

This simple idea grew and grew into something bigger than we could ever imagine.

Peu Peu the Unicorn, the myFITBOX mascot, checking out one of the vending machines at D13 Gym in Petaling JayaPeu Peu the Unicorn checking out the vending machine at District 13 Gym in Petaling Jaya

Fast forward two years, we now have multiple cashless vending machines (and more to come!), a rapidly-growing e-commerce presence and a wide range of exciting new products making their way to our shores. The team has grown from just the two of us to seven in the blink of an eye and our product range has grown to nearly 80 SKUs. And, to top it all off, we’ve sold nearly 50,000 healthy snacks and drinks.

Some of myFITBOX's healthy snacks and drinksSome of myFITBOX's healthy snacks and drinks

While the scale has changed, the vision has not. It is still to provide convenient options for people, be it through our cashless vending machines or through our online store. We believe that when the snacking monster bites, you should not have to wait 3 weeks and pay enormous shipping fees for your tummies to be filled.

Here are several things we are grateful for in the past 24 months: 

The myFITBOX Vending Machine at Grit Nation, Subang.jpgSome gym-goers checking out one of myFITBOX's vending machines in Grit Nation, Subang 

1.       The unwavering support of the fitness community (gym owners, trainers and members alike) who have always showed interest in our offerings and helped spread the myFITBOX story through their social media and word of mouth.

2.       The constant evolution of our online store to provide a better user experience, more snacking options and several payment choices to allow a wider range of people to purchase.

3.       The ability to go international, with myFITBOX now being able to deliver to 14 countries, including Malaysia.

4.       Our partner brands who trusted us when we were just starting out and giving us the opportunity to market and sell their products.

The myFITBOX Team - from left: Syamir, Ann-Marie, Geoffrey, Mekz and HeywoodThe myFITBOX team. From left: Syamir, Ann-Marie, Geoffrey, Mekz and Heywood

5.       The team which has given their all in maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction even if it takes more time or effort on our part.

6.       And you, reading this! In a direct or indirect manner, you have been a part of the myFITBOX story and the reason why we have this foundation to grow upon.

The pandemic has affected us all, in many different ways. For myFITBOX, it made us think of how to provide true value to our customers and also to support those in need, wherever we can. 

We want to thank everyone who has hopped on this train ride, whether you boarded at the very first station or got on recently. Exciting things are coming and we are really looking forward to sharing more news with you all soon. Until then, if you’re craving for a snack, we’ve got your back!

With love and gains, Geoffrey Yeow and Heywood Cheung

Co-Founders of myFITBOX

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